Saturday, 30 November 2013

#BritishBloggersSelection ~ Favourite Make Up Brand

Hello, how has everyone's week been?  I know I said I would post at least twice this week but I had a series of tests and essays, Anyway on with the post, this week you have to choose a favorite make up brand and why. I found it really hard to choose just one so I'm going to cheat a bit and pick 2 brands.
I love sleek so much, their eye shadow palettes are so affordable and very pigmented. I think I really like sleek because they cater to darker skin tones and I always tend to go for their products over other brands. A few of my favourites from Sleek is their idivine eye shadow palettes and their Contour Kit

This is another favourite, it is definitely a new discovery for me. I haven't tried many of their products yet but its their Kate Collection Lipsticks that have certainly won me over, I look forward to trying their stay matte powder and other lipsticks from Rimmel.

What products are you loving from Sleek and Rimmel right now?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Sunday Currently #2

Hello there, sorry about the lack of posts its just I've been a bit busy lately. Well lets begin
Reading - I have been reading a lot of blogs and my favorite posts are from Beauty in Beta and My Lush Box ( who by the way just cracks me up)

Writing - Nothing right now unless you count the two three essays I'm meant to be doing for class.

Listening - I've just done box braids (look out for a post on that) so I've been on youtube looking up videos of how to style it (Allthingsfab91) and I found this amazing
Youtuber and Blogger (MouldyFruit).

Thinking - How do I fit school work and my blog together without falling behind??????

Smelling - My new Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, it is divine and it smells like watermelon.

Hoping - that I get some money because I am broke.

Wearing - It is absolutely freezing so I'm in a hoody most of the time.

Loving - My new Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 and 19, oh and sunny-side up eggs.

Wanting - I want a new winter jacket and very has some really nice ones.

Needing - A good powder for my foundation ( is rimmel stay matte that good or do you recommend something else?

Feeling - I don't really know how to answer this. I guess my mood keeps changing, that picture really cheered me up, I have nothing against drake I just found it funny.

Clicking - sadly I'm not clicking any Buy Now buttons because of the money issue.

Alright I hope you are all having a lovely sunday and hopefully I get another post up during the week.

All the pictures from this post where from weheartit and my Instagram.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Hello, I hope you're having a good week. I just wanted to share with you this little project I found out about. It was started by Ellie from Little Vintage Camera, this is what she said .......

#BritishBloggerSelection is a group of British bloggers, it doesn't matter what your blog is about, it could be a lifestyle blog, a cooking blog, a fashion blog, beauty blog, you just have to be British! I'm not sure exactly when it will start but it will soon and I'll contact you when it'll start!

I started #BritishBloggerSelection because I saw blogs with badges such as #30DaysBloggingChallenge or Kansas Bloggers Group or something along those lines!

What's in it for you? If you participate in #BritishBloggerSelection, you'll get more blog traffic, friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed!

How this works: Each week on Saturday I'll send you a theme to blog about and from there you blog about whatever you want related to that theme! You don't have to participate in this every week, just participate when you feel ready! No one's forcing you to do it every week!

If you want to join in contact me with your blog URL, blog name and your first and last name and from there you are added into the group!

If you are interested and would like more information you can go here, personally I think its a great idea and I am definitely participating in this project.
                    Join #BritishBloggerSelection                     Join #BritishBloggerSelection                                                                 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Face Of The Day

Hello there, today I bring you a FOTD. I am going to apologise in advance if I don't post as frequently this week, I have  lots of homework. Please remeber I'm not an expert, anyway unto the look.

                  Face :-