Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve

Hello loves,
 Today is quite a quick post. I know this is a bit late but I just wanted to show you what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve and hopefully give any of you last minute people like me ideas of what you can throw together quickly and still look somewhat fabulous.

I didn't want to wear a dress or skirt this year so I just threw on my dark wash jeans because I personally think they look more flattering on me and give the illusion that I have slimmer thighs. I think jeans with a nice top,maybe a sequinned top and a jacket or blazer of your choice is a nice and semi-formal look and it doesn't look like you're trying to much but you've still made an effort. I am going to a family party tonight and I can't wait to see all of you in 2014. 2013 has been a good year and I'm very grateful to have made it to the end of it and I just want to thank all my subscribers, my blog and you guys are one of  the best things that ever happened to me in 2013 and please be safe tonight and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.
Here's to our 2014........


  1. I like how classy you look for NYE :) Hope you have a good night Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you, are you doing anything for NYE?

  2. Hi! Happy New Year!

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  4. Hi! Your so pretty love the blouse! I wish you all the luck with your blog. Just followed you, could you check out mine & maybe follow :)


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  6. nice ,dear!
    you are right,and thank you for sharing this.
    love this simple but beauty white blouse



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