Wednesday, 11 December 2013

De La Rose Hair and Beauty

Hello loves, Today I'm writing about something a little different and I'm so excited. It's a hair post, it might not seem interesting to you but being an African girl I love my Afro hair. I love my weaves,braids and my natural hair. Today I just wanted to share with you this new salon I've discovered in Aberdeen. I normally like to change my hairstyle and I do this every 1-2 months. I live in Aberdeen,Scotland so sometimes it's a little difficult finding a good hairdresser that does African-American Hairstyles and also sells extensions, lace wigs etc... and products that cater to black people's hair

De la Rose Hair & Beauty is this amazing little salon tucked up on 64 Frederick Street in Aberdeen. They sell hair and beauty products and they are also hairdressers. This shop isn't just for Black women, it's for anyone interested in buying extensions, hair products,or doing an African-American Hairstyle.
I went to get my hair done and I decided to get Box Braids (blame it on Pinterest). The service I received there was amazing, the ladies were lovely and they didn't mind me asking them to turn up the heater and then turn it down 30 minutes later. The shop has a really nice atmosphere, they are very professional in the way they work. They try to please their customers and they check with you along the way to see if you're happy with what they are doing, they are also very friendly. It isn't one of those shops that you sit in the chair and you're too scared to say a word and it's so awkward, they chat with you and you just feel comfortable. The lady that did my hair was called Tayo and the lady that did my sisters hair was called Grace, I would recommend these ladies any day but all their staff are good.

De La Rose do adults and children's hair, these are the pictures of all the hairstyles they've made for me and my sister and I can personally say I've never had a problem with them and they are very affordable. If you live in Scotland and you're visiting Aberdeen or you live in Aberdeen then I'd say you should definitely check out their shop. 

Facebook - De La Rose
De La Rose Hair and Beauty Studio
65 Frederick Street
AB24 5HY
Email -
Mobile - 07795654627

* This is not a sponsored post and that might be hard to believe because it looks like one. It isn't I just wanted to feature De La Rose on my blog because I love their shop and I wanted to share my experience with others. I am not getting anything from de la rose and I doubt they even know I wrote this post,but they did give me permission to take photos of their shop and products.


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