Saturday, 27 July 2013

Skincare and Beauty Haul

Recently my mum travelled abroad so I asked her to buy some skincare product for me. She came back and then I decided to go shopping in Superdrug and I picked up a few skincare and beauty products. This is a very small haul, but I just want to share these products with you in case you are interested in them. I am going to share the products my mum brought back for me first. There is only two items but I've heard such good things about them on youtube that I just had to get them.

(1). The first skincare product was a body lotion. It's the Funbactone body lotion, my mum personally used to use this lotion and she sings high praises about it. The bottle says that the lotion helps the case of: stretch marks, dark spots, redness, freckles and dry skin. It says that the lotion deeply moisturises and lightens the skin, it is also enriched with sun filters that protect from UV rays. First I wasn't sure that the lotion could live up to all the promises it made. When I opened the bottle, my first thought was that it smelt so fine. I can't even describe the smell but its just so fresh and when you apply the lotion to your body, the scent lasts all day and leaves you smelling so nice throughout the day. The scent is so unique and that made me fall in love with it. I've been using the lotion for the last 2 weeks and I am starting to notice changes in my skin. I don't know if my skin tone is fairer but its is definitely more moisturised and softer. i would recognise getting this lotion if you have any of the conditions I listed at the top or if you just want to try something new with a scent to it. I got mine from abroad but I'm sure hair and cosmetics shop or intercontinental shops might have it.

(2). The last product my mum brought from abroad is a soap I saw lizlizlive recommend on her channel. It is a black soap, I can't even explain in words how much I love the smell of this you just have to buy it to know. It has natural ingredients; they are pure honey, shea butter, camwood, palmkernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe vera, lime juice, water and fragrance. I've heard so many good things about this soap and can't wait to try it. Comment if you want me to do a review on it. On the packaging it says
Dudu-Osun is the age-long African black soap made the traditional way by hand from pure natural ingredients and herbs from the tropical rain forest and savannah regions.
I'm not sure where you can purchase this product but African or Asian shops might sell it. I wanted something that would clear my skin and I have a good feeling about this soap.

The next items I bought are from superdrug, there are some skincare and beauty products.

(3). I have the neutrogena visibly clear blackhead scrub and the neutrogena daily wash, they are really good so I thought I'd try other neutrogena products. I got the blackhead eliminating cleansing lotion and so far it's ok. It takes off the first layer of makeup but I find that it's leaving my skin quite dry so I don't think I'll be repurchasing it again.

The next product is the you guessed it neutrogena rapid clear treatment. I haven't tried this product so I don't know how I feel about it. If you want a review please comment.

(4). I'm so excited about these items MUA is a good brand so I decided to try out one of their lipsticks, I got the shade 1, which is a deep red kind of colour. I absolutely love this lipstick, It is so moisturising and pigmented and best of all it stays on for hours. I can't wait to create different make up looks with this lipstick Comment if I should post pictures? the best part is that it's only a pound.

(5). I also picked up my very first nude lipstick (cue the excitement), I've always been scared of but secretly loved nude lipsticks, If that made sense at all. I just want a nice nude lipstick that doesn't look ashy on my lips. I picked up the Barbara Daly lipstick in darling, this is such a creamy lipstick and I am absolutely in love with it. So far I don't know how long it lasts on but my advise is that it looks so much nicer when you've exfoliated you lips. (There you go, tip of the day)

So guys that was my wierd haul, I hope you enjoyed it and If you have any questions please comment.

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