My name is Feranmi, I'm 14 years old and I am interested and enthusiastic about Fashion, Beauty and Life.

I've read and watched hundreds of blogs and youtube videos, and I have finally decided to create my own blog. I am still young so I make mistakes, but everyday I am learning and progressing in the things I do.
My blog is an outlet for me to find myself as a person and where I fit, in this world.

My blog, in my eyes is for me and any one else that is interested in reading and finding out about me as a person. I choose to write whatever I want on my blog. Since I'm very passionate about Fashion and Beauty and Lifestyle in general, these are the criteria's I am going to focus on, this might change but I can't wait to see where life takes me.

Thank You to anyone who chooses to read, take an interest in my thoughts and comments. Your opinions are very much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy my blog as much as I do.

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