Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Don't Kill Jake Ballard

Hello Shonda. I hope you don't mind me saying this but I know you are or you've already killed @scottkfoley (Jake Ballard) of scandal. I know he and the amazing @kerrywashington have issues with each other. However, I don't think he should be killed off. I think of Kerry as a strong, confident, and opinionated role model. I would like to always see her in this light and not as another person who used their connections to get rid of someone. I know I could be  straight up out of line but I'm a say what you feel person. I think that a person's role as an actor is shown best when they can put aside their differences and work with those whom they truly dislike. Even if you're going to cut jake, don't kill him but give him the opportunity to return later on in the series. I know you must be thinking 'who the hell does she think she is', but I have a reason behind my plea for you to keep @scottkfoley. I see Olivia Pope's endgame as being the woman who finally gets the man (Tony Goldwyn), she has Vermont and she has jam, but she is not truly happy. She realises that she and fitz can't work and will never be able to. So she goes back to the man that loves her unconditionally, that loved her enough to let her go. That is true love.                                                             

Why? Because women need to value themselves and know side chicks will always be side chicks. It doesn't matter how you're so different, how much you 'change' him. He will either never leave his wife or he will leave you the way he met you. I think that's the message that should be vocalised to women, that instead of ruining a marriage they should focus on themselves and make something of themselves cause most likely the man being unfaithful to his wife isn't worth their time.                                                      Ms Rhimes you are a talented and powerful woman, and I think we all know you sure aren't stupid and don't stand for crap. I just plea that you see my point of view and don't kill @scottkfoley off the show. He and Kerry Washington need to swallow their prides and be civil or someone needs to step down.   

I hope the people reading this can please repost it to get Ms Rhimes attention. Thank you