Saturday, 13 July 2013


Lost time is never found again. - Benjamin Franklin. Time is something we don't think about, but it plays such an important role in our lives. Most of us procrastinate, I know for a fact I procrastinate 90% or more of the time, we are always postponing things we are meant to do until its to late. My grandma always says there is no time like the present. I've been thinking a lot lately and I notice my grandma has a point, there have been so many opportunities that I've missed due to procrastination.
A recent example was an audition I applied for, the organisation said that they would contact me close to the audition date, so that I knew when and where to go. A few weeks went and I didn't see any letter or email notification, I kept on saying I would call them to ask what was wrong but I never did, not until it was too late. I finally got round to calling them and I was informed that they had sent me a letter and I'd missed my audition date and I have to wait till the next year to apply again. I was absolutely gutted and I started searching the whole house for letters, I finally found the letter they had sent in a box with other letters on top of it. I remembered that I was meant to have sort the box out, but kept saying I would do it later. My missing the audition was completely my own fault and it has made me realise that time waits on nobody.
I know I can't stop time nor pause, rewind and go back, but I am starting to make the best out of the present while it lasts. Procrastinating isn't that easy a problem to get rid of , but I am trying to do things in the moment instead of wait till later. I sometimes remind myself of the past to gain a perspective of the present. Time keeps on moving forward everyday, and I intend to move with it instead of being left behind.  Time = Life,Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life. - Alan Lakein.
Time changes everything except something within us, which is always surprised by change. - Thomas Hardy.
I have really enjoyed writing this post, because time is something we don't spend enough time thinking about. I hope you enjoy reading this post and If you want to say something that bothers you or that you have acknowledged about time, please comment down below. Your thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated.

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