Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Feeling stuck and Laziness

Hello (if anyone is reading), we are now in August and summer is almost over. I have two and a half weeks left before I resume school. Me and my mum had a emotional talk a few days ago, about how she felt stuck. Like she hasn't accomplished much in her life, I know this is gonna be a heavy post, but like Louise from sprinkle of glitter said " it's my party and I'm gonna cry if I want to" . My mommy was going through her Facebook and she saw pictures of her friends going on expensive trips, buying their own house and opening their own businesses and this got her sad and made her realise she hadn't accomplished as much as she wants in her life. This got me thinking, and I finally realised that I am a lazy person and I procrastinate way too much. I'm still young and I have a chance to chase my dreams but, I'm stuck. It's not that I don't want to progress I just don't know how to , and I realise how stupid that sounds but every time I say i want to do something, there's this voice in my head that's telling me not to in case I fail. At the start of summer I said I was going to slim down, it's not that I am ashamed of the way I look and want to be stick thin, I'm just not that confident in my body and I want to change that. I started walking and exercising for 2 weeks but then laziness kicked in and I stopped , now I wake up at 2pm in the afternoon and spend all day watching tv. I also said I would try and study because my math scores right now ain't the hottest if you know what I'm talking about. There is 2 weeks or so left of summer and I'm going to try and achieve at least one of my goals, which means I am going to stop being lazy and procrastinating and drag my fat ass out of bed. It's going to be hard but all I need is motivation.                        
I know that you guys must be thinking that the text in my posts are weird, but I'm originally nigerian and English, I live in Scotland now, and for some weird reason I think I'm American and try to be ghetto (I don't mean to offend anyone) I'm just a weird girl.
This totally contradicts what I said about wanting to lose weight but I baked these amazing cookies and they just tasted so fine. I got the recipe from tanyasvlogsandhauls on YouTube and I suggest you guys check it out, no more cookie for me though. I am trading in my baking stuff for my track suit and trainers. I've also been on YouTube lately but for the weirdest reason I've been check out wedding videos, and I stumbled across this beautiful Aussie newly wed couples and I have to say I'm  hooked on their channel. So that has been my weird sort of update on my life post, I would love to know what you tubers and bloggers you guys are loving as well, and if you have any questions post below or email  me if it's private. Hope August is the month for changes and new beginnings.

I don't know what to title this post because I've talked about so many different things, please comment about what keeps you motivated and put a link down - low if you have a post that is similar to mine, because I'd love to read it. 

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