Monday, 12 August 2013

My Summer Outfits.

Summer is almost over, so I thought I'd share all the summer outfits I've been loving and trying to rock. This summer I put on weight, which I'm not happy about but it's my fault for stuffing my face with so much cookies and pastry. That limited my clothing choices a bit,but I still found some outfits that I loved in my wardrobe. Apologies about the lighting, but it was pouring outside and there was no way in  hell me and my weave where going to get soaked. So finally after all this rambling, here is my outfits.  
 Excuse my really dark knees, I'm working on it. This is my everyday outfit, I have on a lovely dress from a near by charity shop, and my shoes are from primark and they were £8.  
 This is my favourite outfit, it's this lovely  zig-zag patterned maxi dress, I bought it from Asda and it was £12.
 This is a black maxi dress that I bought from primark this summer, I must admit it looked far better on the mannequin and on me at the start of the summer, but after countless donuts and fanta twist you might not get to see how amazing this dress is. It was £10.
 This is an outfit that I wore to church, to go out with friends and other special occassion.  I am wearing my oversized because I'm a short ass girl blazer, that I've had for the past three years, it was from tesco and it was £21. I also have a peach tank top from next that was £6, with my skater skirt from primark which was £12 and my beloved wedges from matalan, which was £18. 
 This is my favourite outfit so far and I know it might not look flattering on someone my shape, but I love it and it makes me feel dare I say it as lady like as a short thing like me can feel.I have my favourite crop top from new look, that was £5 paired with my pencil skirt from Asda that was £15.  
 Woah I know right, who is this beast....... Oops forgot the "sexy". Anyhoo i hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have a blog and want me to check it out, leave your link down-low. Sorry about all the posing, not very good at it in retrospect, but in my head  I'm the next Cara or the infamous and gorgeous Nikki Thot (now Perkins, she got married). Now I leave you with pictures of me, my sister and my lovely friend Lois who helped me take the pictures.
Thanks for reading and comment on your favourite summer bits and bobs.



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    1. Thanks, would you like me to check out your blog?

    2. Don't mean to be rude, I love your hair and I was wondering if you used hair extensions and if so which brand?


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