Monday, 16 September 2013

A little something on my door step

 Seriously, how amazing  is it waking up in the morning to find a parcel with your name on it? I think it's
pretty swell, when I opened the parcel inside of it was a little tester of the new Jo Malone peony & blush suede perfume. First of all I screamed because seriously I never thought any company would know who I am or even go to the extent of sending me a tester ( I mean my blog has only 1 subscriber) anyway after I jumped around the house singing oh yeah for five minutes I decided to write a post about it.   I've only had the perfume for less than a day but as far as first impressions go this little baby looks wonderful. It is the perfect present to give to someone, like don't even get me started about the packaging. This was meant to be a quick share but I'm ranting again. Anyway it smells wonderful, it's not sickly sweet ( which I hate) it smells very fresh and light, a bit florally. It isn't to strong but it's strong enough for people to wonder what you're wearing. Well I just want to say thank you to Jo Malone and you can check out their website at


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  1. I LOVE Jo Malone! Have you tried the Cucumber and Earl Grey fragrance? That one is my fave!
    So cool to find another blogger in Aberdeen too! Any chance you could maybe blur out your address from the first pic though? There are weirdos on the web!


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