Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Week

Hello there, this week has been hectic and I'm not gonna lie,I've felt like screaming, laughing, crying and sometimes utter anger. On monday I went out with ola and I also started my healthy eating challenge (comment if you'd like a post on that) and I have to say so far it's been okay, I mean I haven't crouched in a corner stuffing my face with popcorn yet. It's a bit hard but I'm going to try and stick to it. And because I want to be healthier this means I've been doing a lot more exercise than usual, so if you see me limping like
I've got a huge ice block up my (excuse the language) ass, don't ask why. I've done some volleyball, badminton, netball,circuit and walking this week and I've really enjoyed it. So yeah, my week has had a few changes to it and today (Friday) I completed a 20km walk and I have to say I'm proud of myself ( I mean somebody had to say it), the walk really hurt but I'm happy I've completed it and in under 6 hours. The songs I've really been loving this week are No one's here to sleep by Naughty Boy feat Bastille, Wrecking Ball and Applause. This is how my week had been in pictures ....
Lunch with my Best friend Ola
Chicken Noodles
Greek Style Yoghurt and Nutty Cereal

Me Going to School

My friends on the Sponsored Walk

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