Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A little Rant

Guess what? Life sucks, that's how I'm feeling right now. I feel like the whole word is screaming at me and
looking down on everything I do. Do you ever have those days where you fell absolutely shit about yourself and you just hate everything about yourself. Sorry but this is going to be a ranting post and its unfortunately not censored so of you don't like bad sweary words, I guess you should stop reading. The problem is school, who in their right mind created it? A place where you go five days week and if you're like me feel like everyone there hates you and you are always judging you, somewhere I always get moody and sad because I'm not like everyone else. I know this is the biggest cliche ever but I hate school so much, I used to laugh and have fun with my friends there but of lately I've just been depressed, angry and moody as hell there. Every corner I feel like there's a little b**** about to start criticising and making fun of the way I look, talk, dress and act. And if the living hell we call school isn't enough, why does going home also annoy me. Is a normal life so much to ask for, why cant i be happy? if others can keep their cool why can't I?I'm probably being a dramatic, whiny and annoying little biatch right now but guess what ..... It's my party and I can do what I want. I am just feeling like I don't fit in anywhere. If you are feeling as crappy as I do about life, comment down below so that we can rant and cry together. So yeah this is my rant and I'm sorry if I've just put you in a bad mood.


Thank you all for commenting and I want you to know I do read every single one of them and I reply when I can.