Wednesday, 23 October 2013

She's so Lavish, Why She's Alice!!


wishlist by feranmi featuring a red romper

Oh how I love a wishlist, have you heard about Lavish Alice? Well if you haven't you need to stop reading and go there right Now, don't worry I'll wait........................... Did you go?
So you've seen how amazing the clothes on the website are, I was recently window-shopping on their website when I saw they were having a competition and I knew I just had to enter.
I love LA, the clothes are stylish and they don't break the bank. I have a few tartan pieces and that surprised me a bit seeing as I've never been into tartan, but there was something about these pieces that just made me want them. Anyway enough rambling and unto the competition....

If you would like to find out more about the competition you can click here


  1. I love the black dress with the white collar and cuffs. Good luck with the competition, hope you get picked! x

  2. I love their Tartan collection!

  3. Might try that.


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