Friday, 11 October 2013

The Benefits of Life

Please excuse the pun there, you'll know the reason for it in a bit. It seems like ages since I've posted but I've had  to prioritise which means I had to put the laptop down and go and study ( code for instagramming).

I got a pleasant surprise this week, benefit was having a giveaway and I won their new noelle perfume. First things first, the packaging is to die for. Seriously this is heaven in a box, it's so pretty and elegant definitely dressing room shelve worthy. Moving away from the packaging now, when I saw the perfume bottle itself I felt it was a let down from the packaging. I don't know if its me but it looks really tacky for my taste ( oh how posh "my taste" ). The scent isn't floral, it's a really strong indescribable scent, it's like a lot of spices and stuff and I don't think noelle is an everyday perfume, it has more of an evening wear scent to it. So yeah, I didn't really like the scent but I'm very impressed because it lasts up to five hours or more. Even though I don't like the scent you might, so I would advise you spray the scent on yourself and walk about for a bit before purchasing it. I asked some of my friends what they thought about it and I got really mixed reviews eg. From "it smells too strong" to "that is amazing, I have to have it" so yeah hopefully this was helpful to you if you wear thinking of buying noelle, but just remember for any fragrance you want to buy, spray it on yourself first and walk around and have a look at other things before making up your mind. A big thank you to benefit for choosing me as one of their winners, but I think I might give the perfume to one of my friends or keep it for my mum.  What fragrances have you been loving?

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  1. Hello Feranmi! I came across your blog on Twitter and I thought it was really sweet how you value your followers, even if they're just a few! I'm like you, trying to build my blog from scratch and I also take great pride in every and each one of my followers, no matter how many they are!

    Started following you too, so now you have one more! Can't wait to see more of your posts :)

    Mariana xx

  2. I'm currently loving my D&G L'eu The One :) Raspberrykiss xo

  3. Lucky girl! It sounds gorgeoussss. I am a benefit addict so I'm sure I'd love this :).


  4. Lucky you for winning it! Benefit perfumes are lovely, and I love how warm and Christmassy this one smells!
    I bet you will love wearing this over the next few months! :)


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